What is valentine’s day all about? It means to be and celebrate with someone you love or doing something you love! When I was a kid, my mum used to give me crayons and a paper and make me sit in a corner and I would spend the whole day with it. I loved to do that, this is from when I was a 4-year-old kid. My me time would be to just sit with all kinds of paints and all artsy stuff and be myself. I would look forward for this time of the day every day!

In kindergarten, my dad took me to a drawing competition and it was about an environmental issue, and I had no clue what to draw, but I knew to draw and colour very well for that age, that’s what my parents boasted of. My dad just told me to draw some trees and some wood cutters cutting the tree.

Imagine I was a kid and drawing stick figures were so difficult, I just drew what I was told and it was a really colourful picture since I had decorated my tree forest very beautifully!

And then I won the consolation price, may be because I was the youngest or may be, seriously my art was good.

From that day, my dad had a unique excitement in taking me to every drawing painting competition that was held in the city. He would see newspapers and listen to radios and keep telling others also that if there is a drawing competition let him know. And I remember all our Saturdays and Sundays were filled with drawing and painting competitions. I wouldn’t have missed any one of them. This went on until I was in 10th.

Being a South Indian kid, it’s mandatory for us to learn either dance or music and to ace in one of the extracurricular activities. This one thing is not because of showing excellence, it is to help us later in our stressful lives to find ourselves and relax. I love how they have come up with such a beautiful concept. Since I am the black sheep in the family who could not sing and dance, I am sure you all must have read my blogpost on dyslexia, this painting thing came out as a boon.

I remember after that painting competition, every competition I went, I would win some thing if not for the first prize, then I also started going to painting classes. I would look forward for that class which would be on the Saturdays and Sundays in Chitra Kala Parishat where we would sit amidst the trees in the nature in the vast campus and the teacher would just show some strokes and later we would be allowed to do anything we want.

That space and time of mine I really call as my sweet valentine. Because I could be me and loved each and every moment of that. I would get lost in thoughts, stare at the nature for a while and then draw some and then stare away again, day dream about mundane things in life and that was the time I would create masterpieces.

I remember when I would come back and show the drawing book to my parents they would be so thrilled to see, and all the relatives also would be like you are very talented. I would believe in them without any self-doubt and do even better later.

This in the long run made me decide not to take up medicine or engineering and decided to take up art field. And that’s how I landed up being a Fashion Designer, even though I always wanted to become a hard-core artist not a designer because that is closer to my heart. But anyways I love what I’m doing now.

Hence, this valentine’s day, it’s time to celebrate not whom I love, rather what I love doing the most.

I love dressing up and styling others, I always wanted to be in Disney Movies and dress up like princesses. I have these weird ideas of being in an imaginary world. Therefore, I thought we can create a beautiful look book for all those girls and women out there not to think about whom they love on the valentine’s day, but about what they love.

I’m sure no girl would disagree that they don’t like getting dressed up! All you ladies who are thinking what to do on valentine’s day, it’s okay even if you have husbands and boyfriends, and you ladies who are single and ready to mingle and then the one who are contented with yourself come on, go out there, shop, get dressed up and celebrate valentine’s day for yourself!

How many of you keep on searching what to wear in the last minute? It’s okay we all are the same and come on, it’s amazingly fun to get the best outfit in the last minute because that will be the perfect one rather than the planned outfit. Don’t you agree?

My girls and I here have curated a valentine’s day look for all of you out there searching for inspiration.
  1. Black Sheer Embroidered Crop Top with a Sheer Skirt, the one I am wearing is flirtatious and fun at the same time and that makes the perfect valentine’s day attire because it has rose embroidery all over.
  2. My Closet Diary here is wearing a cold shoulder bodycon dress with a stunning neckpiece to keep it classy and in the colour of love.
  3. Little Miss Prim is wearing the perfect LBD which has an open back that is too hot to handle for anyone.
  4. Hand on the Hip is one of my all-time favourites as she has come up with 2 different kinds of laces that she has effortlessly put together with an oomph factor.
  5. The Gorgeous You is wearing the best LBD of all time with her beautiful Steve Madden and a chunky red neckpiece.

All you ladies out there I’m sure you have got enough of inspiration to go shop right now and be the best that you are today!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!



I am a crazy chic next door; who likes to jump into anything new related to fashion, art, style even gardening! A versatile person and a deep thinker, I am a Fashion, Textile and a Graphic designer. Oh! I am a cartoonist too, a wanderer and a big foodie. So my love for art and everything beautiful took me into the field of designing and here I am travelling everywhere possible and hogging everything delicious. No I don’t diet.


  1. poornima m reddy Reply

    i love the way you all have made this looks for valentines day.. i love black dress too

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