Healthy living is nothing but staying happy and nutritious without being stressed out the whole time with work ! It’s a way of life. One has to choose and make a decision. Insta Cuppa has various varieties of infusers to help you take the right decision on your well being.

Today, we all are running behind our salaries working from 9am to 9pm. Almost every day it’s stressful, every day is a dead line. Since we always work on deadlines, we hardly take care to have a healthy living.  The intake of coffee, tea and energy drinks have increased 20 folds more. People have forgotten that keeping themselves hydrated is very important. Drinking water has drastically reduced.

We skip our breakfast because we are late to work. We order in lunch, which is easy to consume. And then drink umpteen cups of coffee!

At the end of the day you are tired and go back home to have some relaxing and tasty food which you think is the reward for working hard. But these are the ones putting on calories!

I came across Insta cuppa’s healthy living options like

  1. InstaCuppa Cold Brew Coffee Maker/ Fruit Infuser Pitcher/ Iced Tea Pot
  2. InstaCuppa Double Walled Glass Green Tea/ Detox Infuser Bottle
  3. InstaCuppa French Press Coffee
  4. InstaCuppa Premium Milk Frother, Hand Held
  5. InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – Polar Edition
  6. InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water BottleYou all must be wondering what are these right?
    InstaCuppa Cold Brew Coffee Maker/ Fruit Infuser Pitcher/ Iced Tea Pot

    This one looks like a flask with a place to add your tea/coffee powder or fruits. Since I am a die hard tea person, I made my favourite peppermint tea. This infuser pitcher is very easy to use. It’s best for cold coffee brews, iced tea brews and fruit infusion.

InstaCuppa Double Walled Glass Green Tea/ Detox Infuser Bottle

The infuser bottle is easy to carry and it has an outer cover like a thermos flask which can keep your drinks warm. It is a multi-purpose bottle and is easy to carry. For a healthy living, while travelling long hours just make your green tea or the detox infusion.

InstaCuppa French Press Coffee

Most of us are suckers for freshly brewed coffee, that’s the reason Starbucks is running. What if you can have the French press with you always and make fresh coffee at your convenience… It saves your time + money. Feels like a real key to healthy living.

InstaCuppa Premium Milk Frother, Hand Held

Now that we have our own French press, to make the best of coffee, there is a hand-held milk frother. Very light weight and easy to carry. This is the best one which I have found until now, to make myself relax and drink my own coffee. When I don’t need to go to Starbucks for my coffee, surely I do feel I am moving towards a healthy living.

InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – Polar Edition

It’s very difficult to drink 8 glasses water because we forget or sometimes it’s warm. The healthy living that we are trying to lead is gone for a toss. This Polar Edition Fruit Infuser not only makes your water tasty, it also can keep your water chilled!

InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

This is the non-chilled version of the infuser bottle which can be used for detox waters like cucumber, lemon, apple, strawberry, mint and so on. These detox waters are so tasty that you do feel like drinking more than any aerated drinks.

Don’t you think having like at-least 2 of these products will make us better people and we can move towards a healthy living. It’s not just being healthy, it’s making an effort to take care of yourself so that tomorrow when you are 50, you should not regret about not being careful enough.

I totally understand when in a real busy schedule, you might feel that how can I do this every day and where is the time to fill my bottle, cut fruits and so on! Just a matter of extra 10 minutes will take you a long way. Slowly you will move towards being fit. This seems like a perfect first step towards a healthy living!


I am a crazy chic next door; who likes to jump into anything new related to fashion, art, style even gardening! A versatile person and a deep thinker, I am a Fashion, Textile and a Graphic designer. Oh! I am a cartoonist too, a wanderer and a big foodie. So my love for art and everything beautiful took me into the field of designing and here I am travelling everywhere possible and hogging everything delicious. No I don’t diet.

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