Okay, I am going fan girl gaga over Deepika Padukone. So yeah, I saw her first movie in Kannada called Aishwarya, cliché much, yes! And pardon me peeps, I’m a crazy fan of her! This Lehenga is designed by me so its very close to my heart!

I seriously did fall in love with her eyes and her expressions, I mean how could one girl be as graceful as her, right? Beautiful, gorgeous, and of course her dimples. Damn! I have always wanted dimples for myself, I think all of us know that dimples are really attractive!

I know, today the much-awaited movie Padmaavat is being released, and I remember from the day of Om Shanti Om, I have always been eager to watch every movie of her! And until now I have technically not missed one movie of Deepika Padukone. I have always had this insane proud feeling towards her, could it be because she is from the same city as mine (Bangalore)? Or is it because that she is from the same area as mine (Malleshwaram)? I think that’s damn inspirational, right?

When you see great people, read about them in books and see them on TV, you always wish to be like them, don’t you think so? And when you are kid, you invariably try so hard to do everything possible to be what you want and even parents make you dream and you think dreams come true! Of course, dreams come true but then, it depends on how hard you work for it! Nothing happens just like magic… I know 90% of all my friends who said they wanted to be astronauts and participated in NASA competitions in order to go as close as possible to realizing that dream. But, now where is that dream gone. I don’t know anyone from NASA!

I realized somewhere down the line that we give up on our dreams when it becomes hard to cope up. We start giving up step by step and leave it behind forever and later on see someone achieving the same dream and ponder! Oh, I could have been that person! Then there are days when you get extremely inspired and decide that yes, I will do this from today and there is no seeing back no matter what!

We all know the story of Rani Padmavati, or the story of Padmaavat, it’s all over the internet and you all can watch it in the theaters today. There is no point in me telling about her or how the story came to be because I’m sure everyone knows, how famous Deepika Padukone is!

The Main emotion here is, after seeing Bajirao Mastani, I could not contain myself on how beautifully she looked. Is it all about looks? No! That’s because only she could carry it out so gracefully. It was amazing, I mean Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Sabyasachi, that combination is mind blowing and to take it to the next level Deepika Padukone actually did justice to the role, and from then on, I have always been wanting to do a dress up like an ancient queen. We had done this shoot for Dusshera and I dunno for some reason I had never put up the solo pictures. I always thought that there would come an occasion when I will put this up! And yes, I could not do a Padmaavat inspired shoot but then I have these! Why? Because, it’s Deepika Padukone!

Ok, I just added this because I watched Padmaavat yesterday and I was mind blown by her beauty and the way they all have put out the whole story, obviously I love the jewelry and the costumes, but the thing is, I love how all the characters played by Deepika Padukone showcases Indian women as strong independent warrior like, and not the regular abla naari that we are expected to be. I think it’s high time that we get the real message that women are equal in all manners to men and it should be embraced with pride!



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  1. Wow you look gorgeous and the print of the dupatta.😍 Even I love her so much.

  2. I am in love with your version of padmavati. Looking too beautiful

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