It’s been really long since I posted about food but I have been doing it on Zomato of late. So, I have always been a fan of all things sweet, coz I am sweet too, nah! I am just kidding!

The other day I went shopping in Koramangala, to be precise in Tibet Mall and then I roamed around for a while and I was hungry but did not want to eat lunch and anything oily. I had a sweet craving that particular day and saw this cute little store of waffles. I had seen some of my friends go there and I wanted to try it out.

I was tired after shopping, yes shopping can be really tiresome! Duh! When I went in I was greeted politely by a gentleman who offered me water, then I took my own sweet time to decide what I wanted. He again very politely suggested me a waffle which was called Night & Day. Somehow, he was not pushy like all the places you go and they are like you have to try this, that’s what made me instantly order the one he suggested! Mind you, it was so amazing, and I’m not making this up! The taste was damn yummy, I felt like, I had been searching something like this for years – a snack which is sweet and can be carried around.

Though, I was very temped to eat one more but my tummy was full, so I left and could savor the taste of the sweet waffle in my mouth until dinner (I know I sound a little creepy). The next day after dinner my flat mates and I again wanted to have some dessert after dinner but then not something cold like an ice-cream, but something sweet. That’s when I remembered about the Xo Belgian Waffle, even though they did not have deliveries started, they were extremely kind to Dunzo it to us! That was the best thing that could happen on that day! It’s like getting hugs and kisses delivered home.

Let me tell you more about them because I genuinely feel like spreading a word about XO Belgian Waffle to everyone! Why the name XO Belgian Waffle? Because their waffles look like the grid of tic-tac-toe and XO means Hugs and Kisses. Their waffles stand for warmth, and love and XO (Hugs and Kisses).

I mean how thoughtful right? I felt really nice when they delivered it to me at home even though there was no delivery, it was damn sweet of them. Plus, they serve freshly baked 100% vegetarian waffles which are unique, they look like hearts, they are warm and fresh. Each of their servings is in a form of a waffle sandwich, which is portable and convenient to carry. Generally, waffles are served in a plate with the syrups and never portable, this concept is damn unique where you can eat them on the go! In a place like Bangalore where half of your life is spent in a traffic jam we need more snacks like these to cool our temper down, don’t we?

They have a few categories – Classic Waffles like Maple Butter, Cinnamon Apple; Chocolates Waffles like Nutella, Premium Belgian Chocolates and the XO Special Waffles like the stellar Night & Day and Irani Maska to name a few!

I can close my eyes and vouch for the Night & Day, it was indeed amazing! I have a feeling XO Belgian Waffle is going to be the ‘IT’ thing for a snack! By the way they are having a ‘Hog-a-thon’ in JNC on Friday, 19th Jan. Do stop by, show these guys some love and try their extremely wonderful waffles.

Do let me know how they are for sure !


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