It was almost the end of 2017 and I was heaped up with work. Running around in the market, designing, doing house hold work and what not. My body was stressed out and my mind wanted to rest. I kept on searching for spas to get a full body massage and feel a little relaxed. That’s when I got a magical email from Body Raga Wellness Spa to come and have a de-stress spa. What more did I need in life?

I was so elated getting this mail and immediately fixed an appointment at first slot available two days later. I know, who gets up early in the morning and goes to the spa? That must be only me!

About Body Raga

The mantra of Body Raga is “You gotta nourish to flourish” that made me thinking, that we all need to keep our body happy for our minds to work well. Body Raga Spa is indeed a heaven of serenity and rejuvenation. Their spas are designed to cater wellness and offer ancient holistic therapies for the body and soul. They are a fusion of physical and mental harmony, and the therapists pamper you with traditional methods, which takes you into a state of relaxation. Body Raga has a wide platter ofBody Raaga Wellness Spa is a brand under the flagship group Reincarnation Health & Beauty Pvt. Ltd. Under the group they have number of spas all over India.

• Day Spa (Indiranagar, Jayanagar, Whitefield )

• Resort Spa (Sparsa Resort)

• Hotel Spa (Aloft Hotel, Ramee Guestline)

• Destination Spa (Amber Vilas)

• Salon and Spa (Indiranagar)

• Coming Soon in Salem, 


My Experience

When I got up in the morning, I was about to cancel my appointment thinking it’s too far away. Then I made up my mind telling myself, “Aishwarya you really need to destress or else

you are not going to progress.” Since my appointment was at 11am the first possible one, so that I could

return home soon without getting caught in the traffic, I left home at 10am and reached at 11 sharp. I was wondering if anyone goes to a spa on time.

The Body Raga Spa is located on the top floor of Aloft, Bengaluru at Whitefield beside a pool. When I entered the spa, it took me back in time and I felt like I was in an ancient era of the luxurious queens.

The ambience was enchanting, I was offered a welcome drink of orange juice and they were making my space ready. The waiting room had a relaxing bed and ancient brass lamps and wooden carvings, some beautiful plants and dimmed lights to give a relaxed mode, they also had Thai instrumental music playing in the background which in itself was so soothing.

When I was taken to my room, I felt like a royal guest and I was told to undress and wear the clothing

provided by them. The massage room gave a feel of underground spa of the ancient kingdoms. I instantly

relaxed and my masseuse stated her premium therapy.

Destress Massage

She used a scented oil and started massaging my body and I felt like, I had been waiting for a relaxing day all throughout my year, since it had been more than 2 years that I had been to a spa. She was gentle and her pressure points were accurate. The pressure was neither harsh nor too soft, it was the right amount to remove the pain and to give relaxation. The oil massage helped to remove stagnant energy and activated and stimulated my vital energy.

Body Scrub and Body Wrap

After the rejuvenating massage, I was to wash off the excess oil, but I had dozed off. Nobody can actually resist such a therapy and stay awake as the mind automatically relaxes. She used an Ayurvedic powder and scrubbed the whole body and after that, I was supposed to cleanse it. I had a round of head message too, which again took me to another world.

The body wrap was again a different type of oil, with another round of rhythmic massage and then my body was wrapped in a tissue towel and I felt like a caterpillar in a cocoon literally. It actually made so much of difference and I was allowed to relax. My mind, body and soul were allowed to rejuvenate for about an hour or so and when she came to wake me up for the bath, I wanted to sleep more. Then I had the most de-stressing bath. I felt like, I was in a waterfall. I took pretty long as I was very happy and when people are happy they bathe for a longer time, don’t they?

When I was completely done, I felt so beautiful inside and out. My skin was literally glowing. I was actually feeling like a celebrity. Not just my face, my skin all over felt so tender and soft and it was glowing. I would recommend this spa service to everyone, do go and check out this beautiful journey they take you through. It is indeed complete rejuvenation.

I thank Mr Satheesh Shankararan for rewarding me with this wonderful opportunity, to experience luxury and wellness together.





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  1. I loved the way u have covered everything about this place, will sure try n visit when n Bangalore. Thanks for sharing!!

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