floral print


Floral Punch

Flowers, Flowers and Flowers everywhere!

This spring season, I am obsessed with floral designs. The reason: A valley of flowers I saw on Facebook. With a dream of going to that pretty place in the Himalayas, I checked out its pictures, read on how to reach there, and what not!  Flowers like orchids, poppies, primulas, marigolds, daises and anemones carpeting the ground!

Sabhyata – True Definition of Tradition & Urbanity

As girls, we would see our brothers and their guy friends play on the roads. But yes even I used to join them and play cricket and hide & seek on the streets. It’s totally okay not to learn how to cook when you are in 3rd standard. As women, it’s totally okay to wear shorts and play basketball and dream of becoming sportswomen later in life. When I was a young girl, traditions never restricted me. For me anything that my brother could do meant I could do too.