I know each one of us somewhere or the other have been put down, in some form or the other but we silently just accept our fate again and again. I know we can’t do anything for tiny little things, but do you girls know that these things turn into a humongous issue one day? When you know, be clear about how you want to be treated. Yes, this might sound feminist, but so what? Never let anyone dull your sparkle.

As women, we tend to just forgive and forget. Yes, it’s an amazing attribute, but that doesn’t mean you should let certain words of others dull you! We have been bought up saying, be nice, speak softly, don’t act harsh, and don’t be commanding, act like a woman. What does all these words mean? Earlier, women were gender stereotyped, but as we are advancing in every aspect of life, a lot of times, I have seen that women are put down, judged, shamed, trash talked, gossiped about by other women. But as women, it’s our huge responsibility to help and support other women.

Why am I preaching so much today and for quite some time in my blogposts? It’s just how I have started thinking about a lot of things and have been putting them down on paper. As a creative human being, I feel that we don’t dream enough, even if we do, due to umpteen number of factors that creativity doesn’t show out!

It’s okay to go out of your way and help someone achieve something they want. You can be of a small help by just giving a genuine feedback, which will help that woman to grow and improve; compliment a little more. This will help someone with dreams, not to give up on them. You would inspire them to bulldoze past their obstacles.

“When women encourage, and genuinely support one another, incredible things happen. It’s what this world needs more of.”

This is because women tend to always ask for reassurance, and value it a lot. Sometimes we can forget how much we can influence one another. No one understands us the way, we ourselves do. We’re capable of extraordinary accomplishments. All the women in my life until now have always taught me one way or the other. They have always been a great support than the men. It’s due to all those women who told me to be bold, be wacky, be weird that I am here writing this.

This article is an ode to all those powerful and beautiful women who have always encouraged and uplifted me, and always made me feel like a queen!

“You shouldn’t shy away from being yourself around another woman. She’ll understand what you’re going through. You’re never alone.”

Introducing my partner in crime, she is the most beautiful human I have ever seen, and the softest and the most intelligent creature – Neha Ramani.


I am a crazy chic next door; who likes to jump into anything new related to fashion, art, style even gardening! A versatile person and a deep thinker, I am a Fashion, Textile and a Graphic designer. Oh! I am a cartoonist too, a wanderer and a big foodie. So my love for art and everything beautiful took me into the field of designing and here I am travelling everywhere possible and hogging everything delicious. No I don’t diet.

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