The sun is out and it is high time you start the ground work for your much-needed vacation. Be it our constant high pressure corporate lives, or if you are just another Naina tired of the over-burdening syllabus, wanting out in search of your Bunny. It is very important to take a break from our mundane lives, vacations not only add meaning to your life but it is the power charge you need desperately. And what better way to de-stress than hitting the beach this summer? It is that time of the year to get those bikini bodies out, and brace ourselves for some serious tan lines.

If you are planning a quick romantic getaway with your beau, move away from touristy options to a more personalised experience. But if it’s a girl trip with your OG group, it is the only time you can do whatever you want without, well, being judged.

You might have the perfect destination lined up, and the best hotels booked. What is left is your empty suitcase staring at you. We need to brainstorm the best outfit options all the time making sure we are travelling light. This might be a major challenge for some of us, given we need to carry 12 pairs of shoes to go with each outfit. But what is travel without couture? You cannot wear basic clothes if you’re posing with the Eiffel Tower.

For all the ladies out there, hitting the beach, here is an easy breezy outfit idea chalked out. This one is special as it draws inspiration from your favorite Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. Read more to find out what they would wear while hitting the beach. Gigi Hadid might be on top of the game with her perfect silk camisole dress. Did anyone ever try that out before? Extra points to her for the original idea. This was closely followed by Chiara Ferragni with her animal print camisole dress. Camisole dresses in beaches might just be my favourite trend for the summers.

In the Bollywood department, our favourite actresses never disappoint us. Kareena Kapoor Khan tops the charts with her divine white dress. She completes her look with a perfect pair of sunnies and a yellow bandana. It has to be one of the most well-rounded beach looks ever. This is closely followed by Kriti Sanon with her perfect purple tie-dye dress. What is fashion if you do not experiment with colours anyway?

Our list also includes other celebrities who made the cut for the best beach outfits. Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s white breezy jumpsuit is a classic for the other times you are in the beach city, but not exactly in the beach. Karisma Kapoor picks out a basic white tee and brown shorts, which is perfect for all the minimalism lovers out there.  

Kareena Kapoor Khan
Chiara Ferragni
Kriti Sanon
Gigi Hadid
Karisma Kapoor
Gigi Hadid
Shilpa Shetty Kundra



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