Why am I writing this blogpost? May be to all the young girls out there who always see everyone on Instagram becoming a blogger and get like a 100k followers in 6 months. But Sadly thats not the real world !

What is ‘being authentic’? That just means being original.

As a human being we all know that there are no shortcuts to anything in this world. Also, a majority of stuff portrayed on digital media is not always 100% real. Even though all of us know this truth, we are all hard wired into becoming something fancy we see on Internet.

Five years ago, when I was just out of college, I wanted to not only become a designer but a blogger as well. Back then, the only bloggers I knew of were Song of Style, Manrepeller or Chiara Ferragni. The magazines like Elle, Vogue and Grazia were my handbooks.

Two sets of people emerged in the recent years – one the influencers and the other ones the bloggers/vloggers:

Bloggers/vloggers are the ones who write/talk about certain niche that they are expert in and know the in and out of that stuff and decided to share this information to the rest of the world. Mind you this is after experiencing it for a good amount of time or used the product for quite a while that they can speak about it in public.

On the other hand, influencers of any kind are similar to billboards or adds on the TV/Digital Media where they cater to what the client (brand) wants them to portray. If a fairness cream wants an influencer to endorse it or make their presence known to the world by micro marketing, it’s the new gen way of advertising on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

So, advertising is extremely different than reviewing something that you have experienced or used over a long period of time. Right now, the whole industry is in confusion about who is a blogger, who is an influencer, whether we have to pay them, whether you can just do for barter, whether the brand wants to make a mark.

The industry also is in the zone of figuring out who is authentic or not. They don’t know if number of followers matter or not as the top bosses give a target of getting the top level of bloggers/influencers for cheap rates, which in turn make the coordinators go behind the number of followers. It’s a game where who got the biggest fish for free! Whether the fish is dead, alive or even eatable is secondary nowadays.

Therefore the influencers point at the brands for not giving them certain campaign as the number of followers are less and they sulk and in the following months you would see that influencer managing to buy that many number for the pure satisfaction of getting a brand association – as that’s what matters to them.

But blogging is about:

  1. How you are helping the world to see some things differently
  2. If you want to shout out to the world about this amazing experience that you can’t think of keeping it with you, then sharing it on your blog or social media so that someone can also experience the same joy
  3. It’s to help people know information about a certain product you used personally for a long period of time and then it has made a difference in your life e.g.: A serum/headphones/shoes/tea anything that has made a positive change in your life
  4. To create content you don’t need anyone’s support or a brand association always, if something is fitting into that idea, then yes you can go ahead
  5. It’s not a competition. Blogging is about personal experience and if you in your childhood thought you didn’t need to be a nerd/top rank holder to survive and be happy in life – that means you know that you don’t need to blog exactly like everyone
  6. Remember every human being is different and you don’t need to be a clone of the rest of the 100 million bloggers/influencers out there running for free products
  7. In the long run the industry is moving towards niche and thought leadership. Not everyone just advertises coz do you even look at billboards anymore?
  8. Blogging is about what you do every day, use or experience every single day or at least for a good amount of time
  9. Blogging is about finding a niche, experiencing and writing the authentic information about it.

Blogging is NOT about:

  1. Hiring a content writer to write your experience on your blog (it’s not yours anymore)
  2. Becoming a new generation billboard where you are just advertising for the fairness cream or a chocolate (what’s the difference between you and an ad?)
  3. Running behind everything and anything just for free products
  4. Comparing yourself to the rest of the 95% who are doing the same thing and then thinking – Oh I should also have the same pink lipstick
  5. Writing about a cooking oil one day and writing about the high fashion shoes the next day and writing about a complex financial planning the third day!
  6. Blogging is not about how many numbers of collaborations you have done or how many events you have attended or how much free stuff you have accumulated over time without using them

But now every tom, Dick & Harry is a influencer/blogger. Everyone is writing, modeling and doing everything, that is not them. Yes, we all want to be Kylie Jenner. At least she was into beauty and we are into everything – even advertising for a bathroom cleaner? Decide if you want to be an authentic blogger or a random influencer who does everything. The debate here is you can be an influencer – there is nothing wrong in it at least figure out your niche, are people even seeing or hearing you or muting your notifications because you are just constantly creating noise which is of no use?

Who are Thought Leaders and why are they called so ?

Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. They are trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas; turn ideas into reality and know and show how to replicate their success. Over time, they create a dedicated group of friends, fans and followers to help them replicate and scale their ideas into sustainable change not just in one company but in an industry, niche or across an entire ecosystem. 

In simple words, Thought Leaders are someone who excel in a particular field and make decisions to create differences with their head held high.

Thought Leadership is not about being known, it’s about being known for making a difference!

I’m going to put out some links for you all to read about thought leadership and how you can make a difference in the world rather than just being a clone of your peers in the industry

  1. https://www.thoughtleadershiplab.com/Resources/WhatIsaThoughtLeader
  2. https://yourstory.com/2016/10/who-is-thought-leader/
  3. https://www.forbes.com/sites/russprince/2012/03/16/what-is-a-thought-leader/#5776d6c7da04
  4. https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnrampton/2016/08/19/how-to-become-a-thought-leader/#3d6769773353
  5. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/300170
  6. https://www.inc.com/john-eades/10-thought-leaders-you-should-be-following-to-be-more-successful.html
2019 is all about being authentic

Hope this was a disruptive blogpost. Do leave your comments on the same and let me know what do you think?


I am a crazy chic next door; who likes to jump into anything new related to fashion, art, style even gardening! A versatile person and a deep thinker, I am a Fashion, Textile and a Graphic designer. Oh! I am a cartoonist too, a wanderer and a big foodie. So my love for art and everything beautiful took me into the field of designing and here I am travelling everywhere possible and hogging everything delicious. No I don’t diet.


    • Hey Lovely Lady thank you for stopping by and actually reading it ! It does mean a lot, and out of the whole community only 2 bloggers agreed with me !

    • Hey Krupa Glad you read it and it had been long held in my heart and I
      also felt I was going in the rat race to get more “collabs” but is that what Iam ? made me realise this !

  1. The real meaning of blogging has been little lost. Not everybody takes into account the real joy behind sharing your opinion via writing. Getting paid for writing is not wrong but one must be honest and it should serve the society.

  2. Yes, its easier said than done. One day each and every brand will call only BLOGGERS and will NOT entertain INSTAGRAMMERS. I hope that day will come soon. Thanks for sharing your words with us.

  3. I am really feeling so good after reading this blog of yours that, because at least seone thought of writing about the same community from which she belongs herself….loved your points and keep sharing such content!

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