In recent times, we have seen many movies which show us the importance of hard work and believing in ourselves. Goli Soda is one such movie which you can watch exclusively on ZEE5. Produced by Praveen Kolla and directed by Raghujaya under Kolla Entertainment, the movie is a remake of a Tamil Movie of the same name.

This movie features child actors Priyanka Jain, Shilay Manjunath, Madhusudhan Rao, Divya Rangayya, Chandan Pushpa and Moote Manja in lead roles. However, it should not be confused as a children’s film. It has the innocence of any other movie and courage of children like the classic Simhada Mari Sainya directed by Rajendra Singh Babu, or the mischievousness of American classic The Little Rascals, or the heartfelt perspective of the National award-winning Chinnari Mutta directed by S Nagabharana.

Goli Soda basically takes the four lead characters of the film and then putting them in a soda bottle and shake it until it explodes and that’s Goli Soda for you guys! It’s an entertaining tale of friendship that fizzes with sharp humour and realistic depiction of romance that instantly strikes a chord with the viewers.

The whole movie revolves around the lives of vegetable vendors of the famous KR Market in Bangalore, how their lives are and how harmoniously they live with each other’s support until a bunch of young boys decide to change their lives.

The movie is about four adolescent orphan boys with strange names like Dubba, Chikka, Kyatha, Manja who do coolie jobs to earn money. Their world revolves only around this market; they do not have any other identity nor anyone to take care.

Among the child actor, it was Shilay Manjunath who draws the most attention and keeps the whole gang together in the movie. Also, the supporting roles were well casted with veteran actress Tara playing a kind motherlike figure to the orphans and then helping them in all the aspects. The other actress who shined in the movie was Divya Rangayya even though she is portrayed as ugly and everything but she is the one who finally gives courage and inspires everyone to not give up in life!

The movie has some heart-touchings songs too with the song Preetigilli age illa being one of the best songs which portray the innocence of teenage love. The songs accurately convey how one doesn’t care about hunger or pain when in love.

The other song which inspires people is Lo Eddelo shows how the kids take up the challenge and do all they have in life and work very had to achieve their goals.

Mostly all of us would see this as a simple kids movie but this movie brings out the emotion of team spirit so strong that you would be in awe of the kids by the end of the movie.

So, in short, Goli Soda is a kids movie that has a matured view towards friendship and life in general. That, itself makes the movie a must-watch.


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  1. Wow the move sounds very interesting. It has a different angle and theme than the usual movies. Will surely watch.

  2. Thats a great review and quite convincing. Zee5 has a good collection of movies. I will surely watch this one.

  3. The movie really sounds great and I am going to watch it for sure…Thanks for the review in detail !

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