One of the most important things in life is rejuvenation because human body is not a machine. It needs rest and revival. Every once in a while, it’s necessary to take a step back and see where you are going in life and if this is the right thing you are doing. Also, if this the path you always wanted to take! Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily routine and our mundane lives that we forget to rest. I know there is a saying “rest is rust” but once in a while rest is required to become a better person. For the body that works tirelessly day and night, it’s necessary to take a break, relax and soothe those tense muscles so that you perform better.

A year ago, I had visited a beautiful spa where it was a three-hour long process of body massage, scrub and a pack that was one of the best experiences of my life. So, I wanted to experience the same and went to EARTH SPA located in the heart of Koramangala, which is very near to me.

The Substance of Earth Spa is to escape out of this earth where the consciousness is stimulated to the highest level. They offer a wide range of therapeutic, relaxation and beauty therapies that are inspired by ancient wellness secrets from around the globe. They have a very wide variety of Spa menu, which is very organic and close to the nature. I’m going to list them here :

Ancient Earth – Absolute Relaxation

Ode to the soul – De Stress Massage

Symphony of Earth – Four Hand Massage

Twin Soul – Couple Massage

Nirvana – Pain Relief Therapy


Scents of the Earth – Aroma Therapy Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Massage

Balinese Massage

Thai Massage


Organic Earth – Signature Facial

Nidra Calming Facial

Vayasthapana – Anti Ageing Facial

Herbs of Earth – Purifying Scrub

Herbs of Earth – Purifying Wrap

Twacha – Skin Purifying Scrub/Wrap

I really wanted to take the Beautiful Facials that are mentioned here but unfortunately, they had not yet started with the facials. Also, I had a small back pain so I was not okay with any of the high intensity massages, therefore I opted for the Nirvana Pain Relief Therapy.

The ambience was enchanting. I was offered a welcome drink of orange juice and some cut fruits and I just went around the place that was filled in ancient bamboo feel very close to the nature right in the heart of the city. It felt like a different world altogether.

My room was upstairs where I would have my nirvana massage. I got undressed and then dressed in the massage clothes and the masseuse was so pleasant. She used an organic scented oil and started massaging my body and I felt like, I had been waiting for a relaxing day all throughout my year, since it had been more a year that I had been to a spa. She was gentle, and her pressure points were accurate. The pressure was neither harsh nor too soft, it was the right amount to remove the pain and to give relaxation. The oil massage helped to remove stagnant energy and activated and stimulated my vital energy.

I have a small area of pain in my upper back and I asked her to relieve the pain and it felt heavenly after the massage, and I was in an altogether different world. The Nirvana Massage is very apt for some who has a particular pain point and then you would want to naturally relieve it.


After the rejuvenating massage, I was supposed to wash off the excess oil, but I had dozed off again this time too. I could not resist the beautiful sensation of calm and my pain was relieved. When I opted for the strawberry scrub, just the smell of it felt so heavenly. My mind, body and soul were allowed to rejuvenate for about half an hour or so and when she came to wake me up for the bath, I wanted to sleep more. Then I had the most de-stressing bath. I felt like, I was in a waterfall. I took pretty long as I was very happy and when people are happy, they bathe for a longer time, don’t they?

When I was completely done, I felt so beautiful inside and out. My skin was literally glowing and also because my pain points were washed off, I felt like a newer self altogether! I felt like a new person again.

I would recommend this spa service to everyone, do go and check out this beautiful journey they take you through. It is indeed complete rejuvenation. I thank Mr Satheesh Shankararan for rewarding me with this wonderful opportunity, to experience luxury and wellness together.

Welcome Drink at Earth Spa
Earth Spa Menu


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  1. I so need this right now.. sounds like an amazing experience.. i personally love my pampering spa sessions and this sounds like some place i would love.

  2. This undoubtedly looks like an amazing place to relax and calm oneself down, would love to visit this place at least once, thank you for sharing this amazing piece of information

  3. Pooja Bhandari Reply

    This looks so amazing place to relax and have some good and me time.. Loving this place.:)

  4. Theirs nothing better than a relaxing spa session….I shall dafinately try this once I am in Bangalore !

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