If the question, “What to do with an old saree?”  is your excuse for not buying new saree online on Bharatsthali, fret not! Here are some ‘ah-some’ and ‘don’t-cost-you-a-penny’ saree repurpose ideas that would let you make way for the new ones!

Give the old sarees a modern twist

We aren’t asking you to take your mother’s sarees and turn them into a totally different thing (trust us, we wouldn’t do that ever)! The handloom sarees are forever. A saree that gets better and vintage with age. However, if it is the dated zari pattern or a torn border stopping you from wearing the saree, redo the saree a little to bring a bit of modern out and prolong its life. However, we advise you to be careful with silk and chiffon sarees. The retouching on lighter fabric can be a little difficult and might leave the fabric torn apart from places. A better idea to redo your look is saree blouse design. Take a leaf out of Bollywood stars like Kareena Kapoor who sported 25-year-old lehenga for her on-screen marriage in the movie, Veere Di Wedding And still looked ethereal! Get an off-beat saree blouse for brides designed and go all out with jewellery to give your ethnic look a refreshing feel

Add a pallu to it..

A double-saree pallu has a feminine elegance to it. If you don’t want to part with a silk saree (we know, how difficult it is), you can definitely bring a little zing to it by taking a different pallu. All you need is a matching / colour-block zari pallu to give your style a major boost.

Craft a beauty out of it

Do theold-world routine and make anAnarkali or skirt out of it! An overall Anarkali suit or A-line salwar suit with a matching dupatta can help you revive and relive the old saree as well as the memories! You can also make a dupatta for a plain suit and amp up the style.

Make it new!

We understand if a handloom saree is too close to your heart. The memories attached to a piece of fabric makes it hard to part with and unbearable to see it as something else. If you happen to have one such saree in your ethnic collection, just redo it for the zari pattern. Use a new brocade pattern or get a new dhoti-style saree stitched from the original.

Flaunt a skirt!

Transform your old yet beautiful saree into a skirt! The best part is you can still twirl it and look every bit feminine and classy in it. Use the rest of the fabric to create a matching pallu or use as a border on the sleeves of the blouse. Use a cotton lining to enhance the age of brocade skirts. This lining will also prevent the irritation and rashes on the skin caused by the embroidery or brocade patterns.

Have a fling with summer

Give a classy touch to old south cotton sarees by changing them into sundresses or summer maxi dresses. Stay comfortable and feel fresh – without breaking your bank! Use the broad border of a Kota Doria cotton saree on sleeves or the bottom of the dress.

Twin up with your kid!

Twinning is in vogue; fellas and a saree give you ample liberty and much fabric to do so! Make a dress for you and your kid! Let saree be a legacy in the true sense. It could be a kurta or top, a summer dress for both of you or even a skirt stitched out of the same fabric.

These ‘repurpose your saree’ ideas can carry forward the legacy of a saree in a never before manner! A handloom saree is too precious to get part with, but you can definitely experiment with cotton and soft silk sarees to live and embrace them even more and for a longer time. These ideas don’t cost you a bomb and can easily be adapted if you know a little stitching. You can also consider taking the help of a local alternation tailor to craft something extraordinary out of the old saree!


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