Four years ago, I wouldn’t even have thought I would be travelling so much in life. I was so happy with my college life in the beautiful small town called Kannur, in the God’s own country. But, when I started working, it was fun, then the real corporate life of pressure and everything began. And slowly I started dreading the city life and found more and more reasons to go back to nature.

Yes, what is that thing called going back to nature? It’s basically going back to where you really belong, as we really don’t belong to the superficial world created and complicated by ourselves. I know, I know I’m going all philosophical, but isn’t it true? That we all originally belong to nature

This urge of mine, to go back to nature was keeping me awake almost every night, it has been 5 months precisely that I have gone out into the wild, and I actually had started dreading life. That is the real impact nature has on humans, that’s what I feel.
When I was planning to go to someplace nearby before full-fledged monsoon sets in, that’s when I got this opportunity to travel to Coorg. Who can seriously say no to travel, especially to such a beautiful place when the musical monsoons have just set in?
I have always loved monsoons, the dew-filled greenery, the chirping of the birds and bees, the blush you get on your face when the gushing cool breeze fills your face with fresh air! It truly feels magical, just a little look of the gorgeous greenery rejuvenates the mind, body and soul and I felt a new inner self

This was when we started reaching the real forest area towards Coorg. We were travelling to the beautiful resort called Kadkani that is around 45km away from Coorg in the interiors of the lustrous forest! I had 3 other companions along with me Harshita, Rohini & Rumana, who made this trip worthwhile.

DAY 1 – Saturday

We left Bangalore around 7am in the morning, and it took us 2.5 hours to leave the city, we reached the resort by 3pm with one pitstop for breakfast at Adyar Anand Bhavan. We were welcomed by the staff with a welcome drink and sandalwood paste on the forehead. We went to our respective cottages to freshen up and start some activities planned for the day!

Still Water Rafting


I always wanted to do rafting and water is always my favourite thing no matter what. The River Cauvery which is a sacred river to the people of Coorg flows right into the 10 acres of this beautiful property with such grace.We all got decked up wearing the life jackets, and we were told to sit in the raft. Initially, I thought, it was similar to kayaking and we would not get into the water. Slowly when we were almost a little away from the land little drops of rain started; then Mr Ponnapa who is professionally trained in adventure slowly dropped us one by one into the water.

I am a scary cat actually speaking, but for some reason that day, I was very calm and loved the water even though I didn’t know swimming. It was one hell of experience even though slight currents were pulling us backwards. The directions given to us were so easy to follow, all we had to do was hold the life jacket and cycle vertically. For a while, I did relax on the water lying down facing the sky, frankly speaking, that was the moment of my life when I thought this is paradise!

Later some of us swam back, and the others rowed back and like you might have seen we got amazing pictures!




After the rafting, since we were anyhow wet, we left for the pool, and surprisingly I found the pool water to be warm! It’s a fantastic feeling when you think the water is cold but then not as much as you imagined it to be. We played around in the pool and relaxed until the sun set down. The pool was not huge, it was the right size and shape to enjoy the nature in its fullest form surrounded by greenery. This beautiful outdoor pool was situated a little away from the lobby.


Then we called it quits for the day, freshened up, had some excellent coffee, relaxed a little, called home and did a few internet things, as the whole property doesn’t have network connectivity except BSNL & Airtel. An open Wi-Fi Network is available only in the lobby, this is deliberately kept just in the lobby so that people do step out of their cottages and be with nature and look at the surroundings.






We had quite a sumptuous dinner comprising a mix of South Indian + North Indian Dishes with an addition of the authentic Coorgi food. Day 1 had Veg Hampi Dumpi, Bhindi Jaipuri, Roti, Naan, Rice Rasam, Corn Capsicum Subzi, Paneer, Dal Makhni and a Coorgi Curry.


After dinner, we had time to relax, so we visited the hobby centre and played some Table Tennis, Carrom and Chess for a while until we thought we are tired then returned back to the cottages.

DAY 2 – sunday 


After a relaxing night, we had a plantation walk early in the morning around 7:30am after coffee. We walked around the plantation where the guide showed us coffee robusta, jackfruits, some peppers, chilli and cardamom, hibiscus and so on.
It takes around 8years for a Robusta to grow full-fledged and give flowers that smell like Jasmine and the bees hover over it. That’s when you know the coffee plant is gonna give beans.


We had a small detour and went to the in-house golf where we played and learnt some basics of golf. The coach was so engrossed in making sure we acquired the game in the right manner.


On the way back to the resort we had a small trek down to the river and took some pictures.



After the plantation walk, we did some indoor activities like Burma Bridge which was steep enough and fun. Which is basically walking on the steep rope bridge up top.


The adventure club of the resort has set it up inside the resort beautifully where the zip line crosses a small in-house lake from a high point to a low point. Then we had to pull ourselves back up to the point where we started, it’s a gives a tremendous adrenalin rush!


To the people who are scared of heights and water like me, if you do this, I think you will be cured! This again is built over to almost cross the river Cauvery which is pretty big. You Zipline from the top until the middle of the river where you stand still. It’s almost equal to skydiving! The peace and calm that comes along the fear that what if you fall down or if an elephant comes to the other bank! This feeling is so exhilarating! Then we had to pull ourselves back up which was exhausting.


There were cans tied to the trees, and we learnt some shooting and felt very powerful! 


We had a sumptuous meal and packed everything, thanked everyone and planned to leave. Thats when me and Harshita were chilling a little near the paddle boat area.











One of the most beautiful experiences I have had until now is Kadkani where they know the importance of nature! This beautiful magic land of Coorg is a must visit for everyone who loves rains and for people who need a break from the hustle bustle of life.


 +91 94808 33783 | +919480833784


Room Type 1 Night Price 2 Night Price 3 Night Price All Extra Charges Per Person Per Night
Adult Child With Bed Child Without Bed
APAI – All Meals & Taxes
Den AC Cottage Rs.13000 Rs.25000 Rs.36500 Rs.3750 Rs.2000 Rs.2000
Deluxe AC Cottage Rs.14000 Rs.27000 Rs.39500 Rs.3750 Rs.2000 Rs.2000
Premium AC Cottage Rs.17000 Rs.33000 Rs.48500 Rs.3750 Rs.2000 Rs.2000
MAPAI – Breakfast , Lunch or Dinner & Taxes
Den AC Cottage Rs.12250 Rs.23500 Rs.34250 Rs.3750 Rs.2000 Rs.2000
Deluxe AC Cottage Rs.13250 Rs.25500 Rs.37250 Rs.3750 Rs.2000 Rs.2000
Premium AC Cottage Rs.16250 Rs.31500 Rs.46750 Rs.3750 Rs.2000 Rs.2000
CPAI – Breakfast & Taxes
Den AC Cottage Rs.11500 Rs.22000 Rs.32000 Rs.3750 Rs.2000 Rs.2000
Deluxe AC Cottage Rs.12500 Rs.24000 Rs.34000 Rs.3750 Rs.2000 Rs.2000
Premium AC Cottage Rs.15500 Rs.30000 Rs.45000 Rs.3750 Rs.2000 Rs.2000




I am a crazy chic next door; who likes to jump into anything new related to fashion, art, style even gardening! A versatile person and a deep thinker, I am a Fashion, Textile and a Graphic designer. Oh! I am a cartoonist too, a wanderer and a big foodie. So my love for art and everything beautiful took me into the field of designing and here I am travelling everywhere possible and hogging everything delicious. No I don’t diet.


  1. Vikash Verma Reply

    Looks awesome place, You guys had amazing fun it seems. Definitely will visit the place soon.

  2. I have fallen for this property now. Beautiful rooms, ample adventure games in the resort itself, lush green gardens. What more can I ask for a holiday??

  3. The resort looks so good. Loved the greenery and the adventure sports they have. Coorg is one of my favorite destination for a holiday from Bangalore.

  4. Mrinal Kiran Reply

    The property is so very beautiful… Greenery, river, wood.. such a rustic feel to it! Perfect for a getaway

  5. OMG I’m absolutely drooling over the place… Such beautiful pictures and looks like you had so much fun !! I am craving a vacation now!

  6. Amazing and informative post. Kannur looks the great place to visit and enjoy. The ambience is so good to stay. Great thoughts.

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