I think it’s been really long since I went all wacky and wrote something!
As an artist or may you can call me a creative individual, I like doing wacky stuff, and for me art or any form of it is expressing yourself. I know a lot of people who just write about simple things, even I can just wear a Zara top and H&M pant and then say I have styled it in a different manner!

But who am I kidding, there are 100s of people doing the same. I love experimenting and Even if people say that omg look at what she is wearing, that’s totally fine because that makes me feel very good. All my close friends who see me call me joker and more, But I don’t find real joy in just wearing everyday clothes, coz we wear it every day.

On that note, I have always admired how Frida Kahlo with so much to handle in her life kept up her inspiration high. To be frank I am a very emotional person and I get upset for small things. Like even if one of my earing is lost, I actually connect it to a lot of things and it finally comes up to Omg! what am I doing in life?

This lady Frida was affected by polio, then she got into a traffic accident in her teens, if it was anyone like me I would have given up on life! If you see her sense of style and her self-portraits they are mind-blowing they are surrealistic and magically realistic at the same time.

I’m not writing about how she came up in life even with so much of difficulty and so on, I am intrigued by the fact that, even though she knew she was disfigured she had the courage to express herself without fearing the world. She has this unique sense of style, who in the world would be able to pull off a unibrow ???

Frankly speaking even in this look, I had made a unibrow, but I erased it coz I was not bold enough, and thought that I look ugly! This is my harsh truth!

Also, when I am wearing non-experimental clothes and look all beautiful, people praise me so much ! But I don’t get happy with that at all ! I don’t know, I might be weird !

But when I do wacky shoots, and then not everyone likes but its creatively magnificent, and Only a handful who understand even mention about it, that Day I feel victory !

Ok coming to the main thing, why did I Pick Frida ? is it because I felt ugly? Is it because I needed more confidence to show who  I am? Or maybe it was because, nothing felt right that day ! I wanted things to go perfectly well, but My saree, I couldn’t drape it well ! It was horrible, it was very bulgy at the bottom.  I had no blouse sorted ! I had no clue how I would style it! Also, I had agreed with a flower decorator who would make me a head gear, I felt the whole world was against me when things were not going my way !

But I really wanted to make this happen, And I thought Its okay even if people laugh at my bad make up, bad draping skills for being a stylist. It’s okay, if I Don’t have a perfect location,  I wanted to do it.

That’s why this look was dedicated to Frida Kahlo, she gave me the mental strength to tell myself it’s okay go ahead and do your thing even if people laugh at you ! And If people are laughing at you it means, you are doing great!

Tips to nail the saree – T-shirt look
  1. Do not panic if the saree is not as great at you thought it would be ( like me )
  2. Cotton sarees are difficult to manage, but they are amazing
  3. Wear the Saree with a smaller size T-shirt, which will make it look like a crop top
  4. If you don’t know how to drape a saree, just YouTube, and if it doesn’t stand well, be confident however it is, it’s just how you carry it.
  5. You can drape a saree in like 100 ways, at least 1 of it might be right.
  6. Just go all wacky like me add all kinds of jewelley,
  7. If you add Black metal or oxitised silver with cotton sarees it looks great.
  8. You can also have copper looking jewelry.
  9. I went overboard and added a lot of colours.

Do let me know how did you like this styling looks on me !


Saree – Unnati Silks

T-Shirt – PERO 

Headgear – Bunch of love_ bouquets

Jewellery  – Sarojni, Colaba, Commercial Street.


I am a crazy chic next door; who likes to jump into anything new related to fashion, art, style even gardening! A versatile person and a deep thinker, I am a Fashion, Textile and a Graphic designer. Oh! I am a cartoonist too, a wanderer and a big foodie. So my love for art and everything beautiful took me into the field of designing and here I am travelling everywhere possible and hogging everything delicious. No I don’t diet.


  1. Aishwarya ! I am speechless.
    The look that you chose, the outfit and most importantly the way you scripted this post. Is just perfect. Love your edgy vibe girl.😍

  2. You nailed this look! Frida Kahlo is an inspiration, you thought out of the box in like real sense. I love the way you have teamed up the beaded waist belt and neckpiece. The tassels and pompom add extra style to the look. I am in love with the headgear and the middle parted- hair buns.

  3. This look is fabb and the way you are carrying it, love your confidence

  4. The topic by itself us so powerful. I love how you have represnted Kahlo’s portrayal of self love. Will wait to see more creative ideas like this from you

  5. You are looking so cute babe! This styling is so so unique and yet so cute!

  6. I loved this look. The accessories are all amazing! The vibrant colours really lifted up the look.

  7. I am liking this Indo-western form of saree. Great styling.. You have made the saree look very contemporary.

  8. Papri Ganguly Reply

    You are slaying the look. So vivid and ful of colors. Love that flower head band.

  9. Don’t worry about people calling you anything babes.. and your look is great. M loving how you have styled it.

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