It’s Diwali time again, and this time there is a big trend of cracker-free Diwali like colour free holi and what not! Let me give a snippet, of what is my feeling during this festive season.

We youngsters get excited to celebrate the festivals, but not like how our mummy papa says! Isn’t it? I am not an atheist nor am I a hard core worshipper of god! For me festivals are happy days to join and be together with family and friends and enjoy good food and share happiness.

But all of us have been, to some extent, always pushed to worship god whether we believe in the supreme being or not. For me the supreme being might actually be some character from my favourite TV series, or someone I admire on an inspirational level. Why do we allow them barricade us to a certain religious value? When tried to debate over it with facts we get to hear “beta you can’t argue, you have to listen to elders, you have to follow our ancestors!”

If only you gave me proper reasons to follow things a certain way, I would have! I don’t mind going to temples to see the architecture, but I would really not want to get claustrophobic and die in the constant push and pull to see god. If all of us behave, I’m pretty sure all of us can see the idol peacefully, pray and leave. Has it been written in scriptures to push around in the temples, or has it been said that you can’t see the Idol for more than 2 minutes? Nowhere!

There are tons and tons of questions like this, for which I have always been searching answers for! I hope god really answers them all (sarcasm intended). 

Let me get back to Diwali, yes yes crackers are bad – they cause pollution, they hurt animals, I agree on everything but come on guys, deep under don’t all of you remember your childhood and would want to at least burst some?

Oh! How can this girl even say this? Come on! I’m pretty sure all of you have so many memories attached to it! Just to act cool on social media everyone wants to show off saying cracker free Diwali! 

Why cracker free Diwali? Is it because it is causing air pollution? Or because there are too many dogs everywhere who can’t handle the noise? Or is it just a cool thing to do? I want to address all one by one:

Air pollution? Really, if at the least 40% of us cared about it, it would have been a different scenario. Don’t go in cabs, go in public transport like metro and the buses, people. We in Bangalore will have less traffic and less traffic jams! Thus less air pollution!

Too many pets, we are troubling them by bursting crackers? Again oh really?  What about when you have house parties, or even functions with loud speakers all the time, all the while. Aren’t those loud noises? Even I know the pain of it, because it’s difficult for me to digest really loud noises, neither can I speak loudly nor can I adjust to hear them.

As a child form the 90s, I would always want to celebrate Diwali like the way we did in school! It was so much fun! If at all the no cracker Diwali is trending too much, why are people still bursting crackers? What about people like me who deep down want to but are scared that they won’t be cool enough in the society? Why can’t we all have an open ground for each area and celebrate Diwali in a grander manner and leave the pets at home? Lesser accidents?  Just a thought!

Keeping aside all of that here is what I put up for my Diwali look and yes even though I want to see crackers I’m too scared even now to burst them. I am the person who hides behind the walls and just plays with the dias and flowers!

Though I am not a pastel person, I am always a lover of pink, this time I wanted to stay away from my Indie look that I always sport and try on soft pastel colours. Do let me know how this beautiful pastel pink Chikankari kurta along with Chikankari pants are doing.


Chikankari Kurta – Lifestyle Stores – INR 2999

Chikankari Pallazos – Store in HSR – INR 700

Maang Teeka – Fancy store HSR – INR 200

Bangles – Commercial Street – INR 100

Clutch – Chitrakala Parishat – INR 350


I am a crazy chic next door; who likes to jump into anything new related to fashion, art, style even gardening! A versatile person and a deep thinker, I am a Fashion, Textile and a Graphic designer. Oh! I am a cartoonist too, a wanderer and a big foodie. So my love for art and everything beautiful took me into the field of designing and here I am travelling everywhere possible and hogging everything delicious. No I don’t diet.


    • aishu Reply

      It was love at first sight kurta from melange, and thanks for going through my blogpost !

    • aishu Reply

      Thank you so much Sahana, It was indeeed a wonderful Diwali!

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