“Being different is not a bad thing, it means you are bold enough to be yourself “


Being a South Indian, gold invariably was a part of my childhood. Seeing my mum, aunts and everyone wearing gold, I realized with time that it was a part and parcel of our tradition. I love gold. Oh yes, I do! I always had a thin gold chain with tiny pendant and small drop earrings until I completed my secondary school. I would not mind all these jewellery even on my uniform.

Then came the time when I went to high school; the real time when crushes become serious and you want to look good. The time when I started telling my mom, not to put oil on my hair, when instead of gold I wanted to wear junk jewellery. I remember a lot of my classmates getting the second and third piercings on their ears. A lot of them even got their nose pierced.










Back then I was a total tomboy! I know you must be wondering what kind of a tomboy wears gold earrings 😛 My personality was like that. I was a hard-core basketball player, I used to hang out mostly with my younger brothers’ friends. I was the tomboy chick in the guy gang, playing cricket and all the video games. I was never the girly girl. Yes, it’s a big irony what I have turned out to be, but it was for certain reasons. My grandma had asked me once if I wanted to pierce my nose and I was petrified by the idea and replied that it was only for pretty girls with no pimples and braces. Since then a lot has changed although I’m the same person inside, realistic and outspoken loudmouth, who doesn’t hide back her feelings.

I have always wanted to secretly pierce my nose and look pretty and dress up like the famous girls in school. I always wanted to prove my shamers wrong, people who thought that I could not do certain things. Those of you who have met me know that I have a different voice. People ask – Do you have cold? Are you not well? I’m perfectly fine with a little husky voice.

I was ashamed of it in my early years but I’m proud of it now. People ask how do you talk? Doesn’t it hurt? It’s okay, you don’t need to talk. This had been the reason for me not interacting with people. I used to shy away from talking. I used to not put up Instagram stories, always used to think that what will people think if I speak! Accept who I am! I’m different because I have a sexy voice.

I had been trying to wear the septum ring for quite a while, but was again going away from it coz it did not suit a certain outfit or it was just me may be thinking that it was not good enough. Like how I was shy about my voice. But then I have come in terms with it over the years and I love it even more now. All I have to say to each and every one of you who might have taken time out to read it is, it’s fine to love jewellery and be a tomboy! It’s okay to be two different persons at the same time. It is okay to be you!



Off shoulder top –  Streetap
Pallazo   – Streetap
Shrug – Streetap
Sling Bag – Streetap
Septum ring – Splash
Finger Ring – Fabindia
Aviatord Shades – Commercial Street INR150





I am a crazy chic next door; who likes to jump into anything new related to fashion, art, style even gardening! A versatile person and a deep thinker, I am a Fashion, Textile and a Graphic designer. Oh! I am a cartoonist too, a wanderer and a big foodie. So my love for art and everything beautiful took me into the field of designing and here I am travelling everywhere possible and hogging everything delicious. No I don’t diet.

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